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Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM) was founded in November 2010 by Fu Sheng. With the successful expansion of its utility applications in overseas markets, Cheetah Mobile went public on the New York Stock Exchange on May 8, 2014. As China's Internet leader in overseas markets, Cheetah Mobile is committed to sharing its successful experience with more Chinese advertisers, providing targeted marketing solutions and guidance for global expansion.

In its first year of going public (2014), Cheetah Mobile became the first top-level authorized agency by Facebook in China. In 2022, it became an authorized agency for TikTok For Business. As of now, Cheetah Mobile has expanded its coverage to include global leading media advertising resources such as Snapchat, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

Cumulative service to overseas enterprises
Overseas countries and regions
$20 billion+
Cumulative service to overseas enterprises
6+ years
Practitioner marketing expert

Full-media Digital Marketing Reaches High-quality Overseas Users

FacebookThe world's largestsocial network
TikTokThe fastest-growingshort video app worldwide
SnapchatThe most popular 'ephemeral' social software among young people overseas
InstagramThe most beloved photocommunity by young people
GoogleThe world's largestsearch engine
TwitterOne of the most popular social media platforms in the world

Deeply Cultivating Four Key Areas

E-commerceBased on user behavior and marketing trends in the target market, we develop refined operational strategies and provide cost-effective, high-conversion advertising and marketing services for large, medium, and small e-commerce clients.
GamingWe provide one-stop services, including creative material production, advertisement placement, data tracking, insights from third-party data platforms, warning for non-compliant materials, local translation, and Influencer marketing.
ApplicationsWe have successfully assisted various types of applications in achieving user acquisition, including tools, security, finance, entertainment, and reading apps. Our services help target potential markets and high-quality users, ensuring a smooth overseas launch of applications.
BrandWe provide customized marketing solutions and content marketing strategies. By combining these with third-party market research reports, we effectively track the performance of digital marketing, thereby enhancing brand visibility overseas.
Success Stories
Promoting mobile games globally

Promoting mobile games globally

"Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Step on the White Tile 2)" is a mobile piano simulation game developed by Cheetah Mobile. The goal is to increase the number of game players while lowering the cost per installation, and to achieve top downloads on both the App Store and Google Play. Facebook, as one of the top three channels for player acquisition for this game, utilizes mobile app advertisements in both pitcture and video formats, promoting the game's new features and gameplay with simple in-game scene images and video clips. In just four months, the marketing campaign achieved the following outstanding results, surpassing the company's expectations:

· Attracted players worldwide
· Ranked as the top free game in the App Store in countries/regions
· Ranked as the top free game in Google Play in countries/regions
· Reached monthly active users, of whom are from outside China.

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Social media has become the entry point for emerging markets

Social media has become the entry point for emerging markets

Registered in 2009, Banggood is a high-quality Chinese e-commerce platform that spans across 15 categories with over 400,000 types of products. It boasts a global logistics network composed of nearly 40 warehouses and has established cooperative relationships with major logistics companies. The aim is to deliver goods to customers quickly and conveniently. Emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, offer opportunities, with products being sold to countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Australia. By embracing the live streaming trend and integrating Facebook Live and Messenger, Banggood achieved the following results:

· Increased the interaction rate by times
· The purchase rate of users who received a one-time notification on Messenger increased by times
· The purchase rate of users who received a one-time notification on Messenger and watched the Facebook Live event increased by

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Globalegrow's Zaful Website

Globalegrow's Zaful Website

Following Cheetah Mobile's role as the first agency for Facebook in China, Globalegrow became the first leading cross-border e-commerce enterprise served by it. Globalegrow has since established a mature operating system. Its self-operated website ZAFUL has over 20 million fans overseas. Between 2014 and 2020, Cheetah Mobile helped ZAFUL acquire traffic through the use of social media Facebook advertising marketing techniques, achieving multi-stage breakthrough growth by 2020:

· Registered users exceeded , with the website's monthly average visits exceeding
· On Instagram, it has over fans, ZAFUL’s “Z-Me” community has more than active users, with popular posts reaching
· Products are sold to over countries, and in 2019, it was ranked among the top Chinese brands going global in the world's largest brand asset database 'BrandZ'.

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