Platform Advantages

EfficientAccess and log in to websites/platforms without using a VPN. Manage Facebook ad accounts, data, and assets in bulk, significantly reducing repetitive tasks.
TransparentOne-click submission for account opening, recharging, and transfer requirements, with clear visibility of processing times and circulation nodes.
AccuratePrecise tracking of advertising effectiveness, intelligent early warning for non-compliant materials, aggregation and analysis of account performance reports, and assistance in ad placement decision-making.

Core Features

Intelligent Account Management

As an authorized official agency of Facebook, we possess the qualifications of a veteran Facebook agency, are well-versed in platform policies and trends, and assist clients in quickly self-service account opening, as well as managing multiple accounts and modular Business Manager (BM) functionalities.

  • Rapid self-service account opening
  • Convenient self-service transfer
  • Efficient BM backend management
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Visual Data Analysis

Utilizing big data analytics, we tag and process existing data, and employ multidimensional information recombination to provide data visualization services. This assists in the rational formulation of marketing decisions.

  • Instant presentation of advertising effectiveness data
  • Multidimensional data viewing
  • Comparisons across any time period with multiple data sets
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Creative Material Insights

With the accumulation of big data across all industries, we help advertisers quickly diagnose and analyze materials, ensuring advertising effectiveness.

  • Insights into the effectiveness of your own materials
  • Material risk level prediction
  • Industry material insight reports
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